Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Midsouth Orthopaedic Rehab is proud of its achievements.  Our efforts in maximizing our clients' physical improvement with fewer visits have been recognized - both locally and nationally. Locally Recognized Each year the biggest and most popular poll to determine the best of life ...

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The McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method

What is the McKenzie Method? McKenzie Method Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Also know as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, the McKenzie Method is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education that is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for back, neck and extremity problems.  This approach continues ...

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About Us

About Us

MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (MOR) was founded with the goal of providing research-supported physical therapy to patients with orthopaedic conditions of the spine and extremities.  With credentialing in the McKenzie International Institute for Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, the therapists at MOR specialize in the treatment of mechanical back, neck and extremity ...

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Our Clinical Research

Our Clinical Research

With one of our primary goals of providing research-supported physical therapy to out patients,  we are engaged in multiple nation-wide projects.  This research and commitment to quality directly contributes to improved clinic outcomes for our patients. Recognition We were recently recognized by the ...

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Greater Improvement in Fewer Visits

Greater Improvement in Fewer Visits

With over four years of measuring each of our patients’ progress, we have data proving our treatment achieves greater improvements and pain relief in an average of 4 fewer visits and have been recognized nationally with the Outcomes Excellence Award. Delivering Quality Service MidSouth ...

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Welcome to Midsouth Orthopaedic Rehab

To Our Prospective Patient,

We understand the extent to which pain can limit you and take away from you the things you need and want to do. If you are dealing with pain or the inability to freely move and function in a normal way or in a way you once did, we want to help. We really do view it a privilege to assist you in relieving your pain and teaching you how you can better control it with less need for medication or further tests or procedures.

We provide a complete examination including a thorough history-taking and a movement assessment, following, to determine the most effective pain relieving program.

We look forward to working with you and playing a role in you getting back to your life.

- Jason Ward & David Grigsby

Our performance is measured with all participating patients and compared to our competitors, both local and across the nation. In short, our patients gain significantly greater physical improvement in noticeably fewer visits. And, they’re happy they came!

Points of Function
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National PT Average15.0811.3097%

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MIDSOUTH ORTHOPAEDIC REHAB is a private practice physical therapy clinic specializing in orthopaedics.

MOR is privately owned and operated by Jason Ward and David Grigsby. David and Jason are also treating clinicians, truly interested in assisting the patient who is suffering with musculoskeletal pain and limitation.

An examination by an appropriately trained physical therapist is able to accurately diagnose and effectively treat orthopaedic pain and dysfunction. While we work with physicians throughout the MidSouth and receive referrals from them, no physicians referral is required and all major insurances are accepted.

Our Services

General Orthopaedic Program General Orthopaedic Program
Orthopaedic physical therapy is the assessment and treatment ...

Spine Program Spine Program
Specialists in Spinal Pain and Conditions

Sports Injury Program Sports Injury Program
MOR excels with resolving sports related injuries.  With ...

Pediatric Spine Program Pediatric Spine Program
Back and neck pain can be troubling enough ...

Pediatric Sports Program Pediatric Sports Program
Sports play a significant role to so many ...

Live Video Consultation Live Video Consultation
MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehab’s Live Video Consultation is available ...

Injured Worker Program Injured Worker Program
Injured Worker Program

New Patient Information

Find information on what to expect with your first visit. Download our patient information forms.

What our clients say

Rick:  1 ½ year history of back and right hip pain and several year history of neck and shoulder blade ...
Success Story – Rick