Eventually, it wasn’t just athletics that would aggravate my neck…everything started to hurt.

As a life long athlete (current MMA fighter as well as former high school wrestler and college football player), I’ve been pretty rough to my neck over the years. About 3 years ago my neck started having some sharp pains that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Eventually, it wasn’t just athletics that would aggravate my neck… everything started to hurt… you name it: taking a shower, sleeping, reading a book, driving my car, going for a light jog… I was in constant pain.
I met Jason at Faction Strength and Conditioning and, after a short conversation about my neck, decided I’d come in for some treatment. I HAD VERY LOW EXPECTATIONS as after a few years I was pretty sure my neck pain was basically permanent and had learned to deal with it.
I’ll save you the suspense: MY NECK WAS (AND STILL IS) SOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER after just 6-8 visits. It still gets mildly achy here and there, but the sharp pains are gone and when it does “flair up” I just do some of the quick exercises that Jason showed me and the achy feeling goes away.
He was/is very personable, which is one of the main reasons I was so consistent coming in to get treatment. During my initial evaluation, Jason helped me understand exactly what to expect from treatment and made me feel very comfortable before we even started (I was worried he was going to make my neck feel worse!). Even coming in with a (very) painful neck, the first visit wasn’t painful at all. We did a bunch of simple tests to help find out what movements and/or ranges of motion aggravated my neck and which others did not so he knew exactly what to do next. Then he showed me a few exercises that I could do at home so my neck wouldn’t hurt anymore.
I thought my neck would never get any better and now I’m basically PAIN FREE and it only took about 6 weeks. He made it easy and enjoyable, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He has my highest recommendation, if you’re wondering if you should take advantage of his expertise and make an appointment then I’m here to tell you to stop procrastinating and make the call!

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